TSOC_ESP32S - thingSoC Wi-Fi Radio Module


TSOC_ESP32S is an embeddable radio module based on the Espressif ESP-32S RF Module. It includes a dual processor RISC core with both programmable RF support, such as Wi-Fi and others. It can be powered by a single cell battery and supports Mikoelectronika Mikrobus/Click peripherals as well as Patternagents thingSoC peripherals. Simple "plug-and-go" sensors and controllers, all available from the Arduino IDE.

Videre - Color LCD Controller with Cortex-M0

Videre Model

The Videre LCD Controller shield provides a color backlit display for the Arduino form factor, or for standalone use. The Videre includes a PSoC4 microcontroller, which is based on the ARM Cortex-M0 processor and includes programmable analog and digital blocks. Like most PatternAgents shield patterns you can use a set of configuration jumpers to control Videre from either the UART (CLI), I2C/Two-Wire Bus, or the SPI interface - giving you the maximum flexibility to configure your other shields without I/O conflicts.

Caldi - I2C PyroInfraRed Grid Array Sensor

Caldi Model

Caldi lets you "see" an 8x8 array of heat sensors via communication on the standard I2C bus. Caldi uses the new Pansonic "Grid-EYE" Pyro-Infra-Red Array Sensor, for low resolution thermal imaging.

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